The personal highlight of my weekend was completing a 29.84-kilometer run. (Pat, pat on my back and on all the other marathon clinic runners most of whom broke personal distance records.) While I’m not the most astute about my body’s reactions to exercise and diet, when you inflict punishment (er, training) week after week, then you can’t help but notice patterns. It is infinitely fascinating….

After the run, somehow I made it home and sprawled out on the ground like Mr. Starfish-y there. The major question is – is it possible to do another 12 kilometers and at a race pace (6:24-minute kilometer cf. Sunday’s 7:21-minute kilometer)? I will complete but post-race, I might be very much like that marathon runner in that Motrin (?) advertisement from a few years ago. He who couldn’t make it down the hallway of his house despite some pleasant incentive at the end….

On this day..