Empty nest….

It was just over a year ago, I named a post as I name this one today – here we go again….

I have the deepest wish that my dear little sister will end up in the same city as I instead of somewhere I only visit a couple of times a year. Last year, she was here for a nice and long 3 months. This year, it was just a month and I was guilt-ridden for not hanging out more though I would note she hardly needs a babysitter nor does she need someone to “take her out.” In any case, I thank those who did put up with her/me/us so the onus of entertaining her was not entirely on me. =P

We’d be the first to agree that were we not related, we wouldn’t be friends. But since we can’t exactly “divorce,” instead we have the grandest fun being ourselves and learning how the other side thinks.

Last year, we made three trips: day trip to Seattle, weekend trip to Calgary, and the week-long one to L.A. This year I was honoured to be the one with whom she left the continent (for the first time in 17 years, mind you) and visit Europe for the first time. I couldn’t have asked for a better traveling partner – is it a surprise that we could face each other without reprieve 12 days straight without a so much as a major blow-up?

Because real life (i.e., not school) inevitably has to begin at some point, future summer visits may dwindle down to mere week-long ones but with a brave face we part and say, “‘Til next year….!”

On this day..