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I got in on Sunday evening after waking up a full 23 hours earlier. Since my connecting flight left Heathrow a mere 45 minutes after I arrived – it left with me on it (out of breath) but not my luggage and hence my camera.

Slowly padding around setting life in order for what promises to be a challenging but interesting last trimester in 2006. In order to clear customs and get my Tax-Free Shopping Refund, I did have to tally up our H&M shopping spoils and they are as follows….

August 19th – Kiel, Germany – 2 stores
* black mesh hairband / €1,90 ($2.81)
* black floral short-sleeved top / €14,90 ($22.06)

August 23rd – Stockholm, Sweden – 3 stores
* green/pink chandelier earrings / 49.50kr ($7.86)
* pink cameo earrings / 49.50 kr ($7.86)
* black Victorian short-sleeved blouse / 199 kr ($31.43)
* black knit vest / 98 kr ($15.55)
* black & white checkered dress / 249 kr ($39.52)
* green drop earrings / 39.50 kr ($7.86)
* green elastic hairband / 14.90 kr ($2.30)

August 26th – Hamburg, Germany – 1 store
* black turtleneck sweater / €14,90 (~$22)
* baby blue undergarment set / €14.56 (~$22)

Nutty, I know, but since I can’t seem to find any clothing to my liking these days, I have no issues with dropping many Euros/kronors/dollars, especially at my favourite store.

Yes, I know H&M is coming to Vancouver this/next year to Robson-/south Granville. No, once they arrive here, I don’t anticipate but buying their basic clothing because I want to stay unique on some obscure level while trendoids fall all over the punk-inspired fashions. Yes, I know it’s petty to give up my favourite store and that clothing does not a unique person make. And yes, I have lined up the successor retailer at which I will shop. It’s a secret. ;-)

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  1. frankly says:

    What happened to “I’m not going to Europe to shop. I want to see the sights”. Sounds like you did quite a bit of shopping anyways. ;?) You’re a girl. How could you resist? (Oops is that sexist of me?)

  2. wyn says:

    Did I say that? Whoops…. I couldn’t resist and *essentially* only clothing-shopped at the one store, albeit it six times!

  3. Anonymous says:

    sounds like you had fun! i can’t resist shopping anywhere i go.

    btw, i’ve had to update my url. please send me an email if you’d like the new address:

  4. NML says:

    Welcome back darling! You have been missed. Sounds like you had a good time snapping up clothes. I appreciate what you mean about the individuality – dying to know what your new store will be.

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