Wherein I eat my words

(I’m off to Germany/Sweden for 13 days so I will leave you this little story….)

In my desire for the perfect story of “how we met” I scoffed at new-fangled methods of meeting people like dating sites and speed dating. However, when you’re single for the better part of 18 months, you end up trying and considering everything: online dating, speed dating, co-workers, strangers in away cities, exes, your own friends, relatives of relatives (no blood relation, I swear)… have I forgotten anything here?

If you could read between the lines, perhaps you could tell that I met someone just about two months ago. If you browsed my blog categories, you would have noticed that the category “Dating Times” finally got some posts after being inactive for all of 2005. And Flickr friends may have noticed some cute pictures seeping into my photostream. Indeed, someone very special found and reeled me in at a free dating site. He’s just… who I’ve been waiting so long for.

He found me when I had thrown in the towel of actively looking. We swapped IMs and our conversations were fun if not sparkling. (To this, a friend advised me, paraphrased, “Don’t trade IMs, it will never amount to anything! Get that dinner date!”) I must really not have had much faith left in general that I did allow us to IM. Life happened for a couple of months and after a long date with Mr. All-Wrong, I bit the bullet and contacted J- for a meet-up – he who had been patient and nice to me all along.

It never rains but it pours in that I went on dates with two boys and both – for once – were very decent. I thought my head would burst keeping their histories straight and even faltered once or twice. (I attribute the plenty to reaching – finally – true comfort and acceptance of being single.) It soon became clear that in an absolute sense, one boy seems to be the very picture of what I’m looking for. Besides, we hit it off right away.

So now, I advocate entertaining all your opportunities to meet people. Every story of a meeting is beautiful because it involved both of you.

On this day..