Why running is so me

For the longest time, I thought that falling upon the running habit was the oddest decision of my life. Afterall, once upon a time, I was your typical, perky aerobics bunny. My other “sport” was to go to clubs and revel under the strobe lights having a compact and svelte figure. On the surface, then, it’s really odd to take up this intense and anti-social activity….

When you look beyond how delightfully quantifiable the sport is, running really is right for me. Before I moved it outdoors, I was running around the Dalhousie gym complex and reciprocating ogles from boys in the weight room and on the basketball court. Now that I run outdoors, I refuse to be banished to quiet and scenic trails, preferring the seaside stretch of Point Pleasant Park where Haligonians walk themselves, their dogs, and their children, or the Seawall where Vancouverites leisurely stroll.

I revel in being the one who is different, faster, thinner. I don’t want to do yoga or bike like every second person does – I do soak it up when people thinking I’m completely insane.

On this day..