Back on the wagon

The last time we did a proper hill-repeat session in the marathon clinic, we did 6 hills. Suffice it to say that when faced with my first hill-repeat session yesterday evening and it was ten 600-m hills, I balked, begged off feeling anti-social, got occupied with a discussion with a co-worker, and skipped it….

So I did the blessed hills closer to home today and tried to negotiate with myself – “If this hill is steeper than what they did yesterday, suppose I could do only 8 instead?” But who knows how to make such a conversion/exchange (especially while on the road) so I just did all ten. Only after six hills did I consider a foundation to be laid down and I cheered like a solitary lunatic after each completed hill thereafter. I have no idea how the eighth and ninth hills were completed because the second half would seem like a mountain, such was the extent of the incline.

Through the ordeal, I plotted out my outfits for the next few days =P and what I’d do at work today. Yay.

It was also most pleasing to return from the trip without registering a weight gain. Was frightfully afraid of seeing one after such indulgences at Yil.’s wedding, having Eis (ice cream) everyday, and running just three times. But we must have walked upwards of 10 kilometers a day!

On this day..