Good to be in Vancouver

Sunday’s run was so tough. 29KM and we were out for 3.5 hours. We ran to Richmond because Vancouver itself is so small if you want to add mileage, you end up leaving the city.

I always looking forward to “returning to the city.” Not that it necessarily offers better views (incidentally along our route it does) but being in Vancouver — as opposed to New West(minster), Richmond, North Van. — means that we are closer to “home”….

We did a speed workout for the first time on Thursday and though it consisted only of 3 repeats of 1KM at race pace, I was wiped flat. =S

I wonder how race day will be. We can finish, fo’ sure, but what will the final time be? Will it be a positive- or negative-split? And what soreness will follow?

On this day..