Personal MILEstone… reached

We ran 32 kilometers (20 miles) yesterday. (And I still had the energy to make 50% of Stef’s Asian-Style Chicken Stew? Go me.)

Now, for the marathon, we merely have to go 17.89% faster and for 10 more kilometers….

My litany of complaints yesterday included – but are not restricted to – blisters on my toes, vomiting (a little), sore-as-h*ll knees while on the road, and smooshy (left) ankle.

I also realized that a 32-kilometer run, in one fell swoop, depleted the lifespan of my intermediate-new runners by 5%. Which simply means I can’t go doing these 32-KM runs all of the time….!

And with 32-KM behind us all, we can look forward to three weeks of taper, baby!

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