I’ve added a new subscription to my feed reader that is Schema blog, the blog associated with the yet-to-be-launched Schema magazine. It keeps you up-to-date with cultural activities taking place in Vancouver – and since it’s Vancouver, that means more than half of it is Asian.

There is something I’ve missed/never found all along that is someone who will also go to the Chinese-labeled events just because. I’m not only talking about big events like the Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown but, for example, going to see an indie Vancouver-made Chinese movie….

So far we have been to the Night Market several times and find it to be a perfectly fabulous place to pick up an assorted dinner. We can often be found at an HK-style diner enjoying 燒鴨湯可() (roasted duck with rice noodles in soup) and 葡國雞() (Portugese chicken rice). We made one of our Fringe Festival picks “The Chinese Clown Cabaret”. And when the Vancouver Asian Canadian Theater (VACT) has a good event, we’ll go to that, too. This, I hope, is just the tip of the iceberg.

In my defense, I think it’s symptomatic of growing up in a small city and being further isolated from the Chinese community that my ears naturally perk up at the opportunity to celebrate the culture and seek out artistic offerings.

But before you go thinking anything funny, I’ll support the arts and events put on by any number of other organizations… (see how excited I am to check out Gateway Theatre productions this year) but I can’t deny a particular soft spot in my heart.

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