The Fall

This post is all about goals….

Sometime in August I had to re-evaluate my dream of being a dancer/performer. I had to come to terms that I had already enjoyed the honour of being invited to join a troupe, rehearsing with a fabulous group of girls, wearing gorgeous and dreamy dresses/traditional garb, and pleasing an audience who adored us. Sure, I would like to do more but the glitzy and youthful ideal I had in my mind’s eye is for someone starting out much younger than I and I accept that.

This fall I will be continuing with ballroom dance classes at the Bronze level, the second level in whatever school/standard we are taking through UBC Dance Club (because it’s the best deal when you’re a card-carrying… student). I’m also (re-)taking the first level with J- because you can never learn or dance enough. I’m really excited about that. We have the opportunity to participate at small competitions and that is enough excitement in the dancing realm for me these days.

(Being on the brink of) Completing my first marathon also introduces a vacuum – what does one do? Register immediately for another marathon? But that’s just the “same-old.” Register for a triathlon? But I can’t ride a bike. Besides, I’m not that crazy. =P

For a change of pace, I will be concentrating on half-marathons and working my way to being a fast half-marathoner. My personal best was two years ago at 2:02:something. My first goal is a sub-2-hour half (I’ll aim for 1:55 ;-)) and work my way down. I’m enamoured by the 20K distance having extolled before how it is “perfect.” [1, 2]

A group of us who trained together at the marathon clinic will continue to meet up through the fall and winter for long runs on Sunday mornings at modest distances of 15-20KM. Originally spanning the 4:15-4:30 pace group (finish times for the marathon), we’ll be training at a 4:00 pace for these short long-run distances. I’m also paring down from five to four runs to have the opportunity to mix all the flavours – tempo/race workout, strength/interval workout, an easy workout, and a long run. =D

I’m totally excited about which races I could do next year including but not restricted to “First Half” Half in Vancouver (Feb.), Vancouver International (early May), Bluenose in Halifax (late May), Scotiabank Vancouver (late June), Portland (Oct.), Seattle (Nov.), and Vegas (Dec.). (But obviously I can’t afford to do all of them!)

As for future marathons, I figure I have plenty of years over which I can spread out the 10 or so marathons I’ll want to do in my life!

(Gosh, all this talk is making me feel so Vancouver.)

On this day..