A new season

Lately I’ve felt out of sorts. It seems to coincide with the beginning of the Rainy Season in Vancouver. Even this past sunny weekend was somewhat taunting. Dry but with with a wet chill to it.

I’ve fallen into a routine and find myself comfortable with it. Set in having a dining companion most days. Set in what I do Wednesday and Thursday nights (dancing), two or three weekday and Sunday mornings (running), staying in on hockey nights to try out a new recipe, Amazing Race Sundays, Heroes Mondays (we are such tv junkies), and seeking out local offerings on the weekends. These are various facets of me in full-force and I’m grateful to find someone who lets me be me. Settled down, old-ish, fuddy duddy and all.

On Saturday we went out for one of J-‘s friend’s birthdays where I got to meet the rest of the gang. (Finally!) It was a fabulous night of moderate irresponsibility — where afterwards you are so tired you don’t think you can do it again for a long while — at a lounge on 4th that their group totally took over (and gave lots of business while at it). I’m finding Vancouver becomes a smaller and friendlier city when three people from “the group” turn out to be people I’ve met in other contexts in my life.

On this day..