Loss of innocence

So it seems I’m being eased into this hockey habit in baby steps….

First, J- bought the Canucks PPV package so every last game is accessible from the comfort of home. (I can now name most of the players and roughly what position they play. He thought it was a riot.) Then we went to a Giants game where I experienced the lack of ongoing commentary and handy camera following the puck and had to fend for myself. And yesterday, we went to the Superskills competition wherein that arena (G.M. Place) and those people including that $6M-man “in the t.v.” turn out to be real people. That was my first and most numerous celebrity sighting ever.=P

Since I had little preconception of who would do well in the skills, I amused myself as one could expect a girl to: marveling at the brilliant new high-def. overhead jumbo screens, being distracted by the flashing round-the-arena screens and staring back whenever they they displayed a player’s set of eyes, and looking for other star similarities after Rebecca pointed one out. It was so much stimulation and I feel far less naive for it all.

On this day..