Victoria road trippie

My, but doesn’t last weekend seem like a lifetime ago when you return and have to hit the ground running? I can forget and downgrade things so easily so that’s why I blog it or write in my trusty offline-but-now-online personal journal (thank you Google D&S).

Since most of my Vancouver readers and many Canadians and Pacific NW-located Americans have been to Victoria, I won’t regale you with the paltry list of places we visited. If you are so inclined, you can see them in my Victoria photoset. =D Instead, I’ll give you my impressions in light of it being the first trippie away with J-….

* The ferry passage to and from Vancouver Island was surprisingly and fortunately civilized. It has been over a decade since I’ve taken either the Pictou or Borden car ferry to P.E.I. and I don’t recall it being so classy. It didn’t hurt to have reservations to avoid any uncertainty about our sailing time on a busy holiday weekend. I marveled how the rows upon rows of cars lined up to board the ferry reminded me of some desperate taonan (refugee) imagery but it was, in contrast, very peaceful and sunny!

* Our King Deluxe room at The Empress was superbly comfortable – thank you corporate rates! ;-) I couldn’t imagine staying anywhere else on a subsequent trip. (Oh, and I must not forget to henceforth constitutively add “swimsuit” to my packing checklists when I go somewhere. It is such a tiny item but enables you to dive into the most glorious of blue pools!)

* Because it was a trip centered on my marathon, I had the job of organizing everything. I was more stressed out than my usual happy-go-lucky self wondering just how bad it would be if I had screwed anything up. There was an uncertain moment here and there but it was all right-side up in the end. =) He gets to plan the next one….!

* There was a moment when he saw My Kind of Crazy that is usually under wraps at home. That he didn’t snark really pushes me to not snap – but to embrace – His Kind of Crazy(ies).

* I arranged High Tea in Vancouver on Sunday, a week before the trip, and decked out in Victorian gear (it’s so trendy) and attempted to look like this again. In the quaint dining room with rich red brocade wallpaper, J- said I’m “so Victorian” and would fit in quite well in Victoria. Truth be told, it was delightfully pretty but faded into small-city normality all too soon. I maintain that I would fit in quite well in true Victorian times… like in Avonlea.

* It’s nice to go on a small not-so-committal trippie with Someone You Really Like and to return liking him more! It is very happy indeed. ;-)

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