Act fast

Thank goodness for marking down the first day of registration for the Pacific Road Runners “First Half” Half Marathon. (I think it is named as such because it is nearly the first half marathon to take place in the year, on February 11 next year.)

While it took four days for registration to fill up last year, it took only about 12 hours for nearly 2,000 registrants to zip off their online form and fill up the race.

Notice how “New for 2007” is Finisher Medals….? Hehe. No, I’m not in it for that.

Contrasting with the gleaming white shirt of 2006, 2007 will have a long-sleeved, teal-coloured New Balance shirt. (Hoping it looks better than the graphic.) I’m not in it for that either.

I’m in it because apparently I work best with a goal and it’s “T minus 14 weeks” until race day. Two years here and I’ve never trained over winter – it promises to be endlessly dreary, dark, wet, and cold. It will make curling up in my apartment afterwards with a hot drink feel like heaven on earth.

(In an ironic twist, the “First Half” is exactly 18 weeks after the Victoria marathon I did back in October. Given the full [Running Room] training is 18 weeks, that hypothetically left no breather between races and training!)