Folksonomy Nut: that would be me

You know the practice of tagging that is all over in Flickr,, WordPress, countless other sites, and now the rest of Blogger? They are labels that enable an IR (information retrieval) methodology called folksonomy.

As soon as I realized the option was made to vintage Blogger users to upgrade to Blogger Beta, I made the switch. So far, I don’t know what changes are visible except for the addition of tags that suggest to you, dear reader, what I think my post(s) are all about. (I messed around with the CSS of my template so the tags are missing from some posts on the front page, but they will appear on all the post pages.)

I get this high from tagging and refining my tags to my idea of perfection, even if it means scanning and rescanning the content of 600+ posts on this current blog. Is there a name for this condition? (Other than OCD.)

On this day..