Running for the sake of running

I was so enthusiastic after the marathon to get back out on the road, ride the wave of momentum that made it easy to “suit up” and continue running five times a week.

Right after the marathon, I took a week off. That was so happy. The second week, I made it out three times though I was so woefully jarred and miserable after the first run. I completely skipped out on the third and fourth week and now is the fifth….

I have decided not to do the Fall Classic. This is not so momentous except for the deliberations that went into this decision.

If it was just to get another t-shirt (albeit a pretty one) and a medal (a tiny one), I have to rein myself in. It wasn’t a good enough reason to do another race. One year I’ll go nuts and do a race every month but that won’t be be for a few years.

I’ve also come to the point where I’m “snobby” – is there a point to race if I won’t get a PB (personal best)? It was tentative if I could. If I didn’t, it screws up my average.

Finally, a mere two dance classes a week immediately after work is a wrench thrown into things. Save for once, I have not made the inordinate effort to get up early on dancing days to hammer out a run before work. Is it a lame excuse that I might want to change gears and have different activities for different seasons?

I need to run for the sheer love of it. I feel guilty everyday about not running that I don’t get to miss it – if I would even miss it. I need to come to the point of missing it. Or I simply need to register for another race….