When life gives you chayotes

He: My grandparents in east Vancouver grow chayotes in their garden.
Me: My grandparents in east Vancouver grow chayotes amongst other things in their garden, too! Suppose… they are the same people?!

(Never fear, our grandparents live at different intersections. Further, the wonderful couple I call 婆婆 and 公公 are a paternal-side cousin’s maternal grandparents I met only a few years ago – hence, no blood relation. My real maternal grandparents live in Toronto. =P)

J-‘s mother sent over six chayotes when I normally buy only one every month from the market. This sent me scrambling to find recipes in addition to my standard minced chayotes with onions and cheese (a recipe from the little bag that holds single chayotes) and sauteeing them with sesame oil/S&P or butter. Lo’ and behold, the chayote soup.

On this day..