Boxing day mAdnESs

Our gift to our parents was a very large plasma TV and for family, it’s not quite so tacky to pick up your gift in Boxing Day sales than it would be for gifts for non-family. =P

On the 26th (mad shopping day for regular folk), J- told me that while out in Richmond around midnight, he saw a line form at Future Shop and so Lil Sis and I cruised to our local one to see, to her utter astonishment, five people in queue for the doors to open on at 6 AM on the 27th. We returned at 5 AM and I laughed because Lil Sis was aghast that there were over a hundred shoppers in line!

So we made our way to the local Wacky Wheatley’s (a Maritime “audiotronic” chain) who would open their doors at 8 AM. We were the first there and a second car pulled up around 5:15. With just two parties present, we sat in the relative comfort of our rapidly freezing cars. When the third party arrived, we reluctantly clambered out of the car and non-aggressively beat a path to the second spot in line. There we stood in near-freezing weather for two and a half hours. The way Lil Sis and I couldn’t sleep the night before, the boredom as we waited, and the rise and fall of feeling of torture, I likened the experience to running a marathon. Sort of. Not really. (We were raised to be troopers, Lil Sis and I.)

They opened promptly at 8 and we nabbed the last of the very sweet deeply-discounted plasma TVs. We gingerly loaded it in the van, drove home, moved it inside, and fell asleep till 11 before embarking on Round Two of Boxing Day shopping at the mall….

On this day..


  1. NML says:

    This story made me laugh. There is a shop here called Next, that always starts its sale at 5 or 6am and I swear there are HUNDREDS in the queue every single time. I point blank refused to go out on the 27th. We stayed home and watched movies. Kudos on the bargain plasma. We’re going to get one when we move. PS – I hope your card has arrived x

  2. Michelle says:

    so this is Canada’s version of the day after Thanksgiving sales – aka Black Friday? Wow. Thanks for sharing your amusing story.

  3. wyn says:

    I guess our Boxing Day is like Black Friday – but it sounds that the U.S. has deep sales after the holidays, too. I’m thinking of checking out Black Friday for myself this coming year…..

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