Murphy’s Law re: Deliveries

I suggest a Murphy’s Law: If you select a time window for your furniture delivery, they will invariably arrive at the end of the window and have you anxiously waiting and hoping otherwise the entire time.

I finally got a couch. A Klippan with a fuzzy black slipcover. My other consideration was the fire engine red linen that reminded me of Breakupbabe’s “red Couch ‘o Love.” =P

IKEA has a sweet little deal where if you take the free shuttle to the Richmond location, you can get $20 off your home delivery. (The deal was sweeter when the shuttle first launched in the summer with free local home delivery.) So J- dropped me off at the shuttle stop and I was shopping for half an hour without him since I encountered no fuss about parking while he circled and circled and circled. Saturdays are a madhouse there, as usual.

But then J- went and rained on my parade. The next day, he bought a shiny, new TV, spending ten times as much as I did, and now it’s a dilemma where to spend my time! I’m so mad at him for that! =D

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  1. NML says:

    Yep! That’s why I hate waiting for utility guys and delivery people. It’s sods law that the one day I turn up at theh end of the time allocation like the way they do, is they day they’ve arrived early… Hey, maybe he bought the TV to lure you in ;-)

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