I love the routine that Lil Sis and I fall into when I’m back home visiting and we are spending endless hours at work. Because we are girls and because we are nerdy and because we have been raised to mildly-productively occupy ourselves, we find endless amusements on the Chronicle Herald’s Comics Section and, thankfully, while our interests expand, so has the game section of that page!

It started out with just doing the Crossword (I’ve done enough to recognize the ambiguously stated lame clues) and attempting the Cryptoquote provided there is a strong clue for a starting word/letter.

Then we started doing the Target (find as many words using only the 9 letters and always including the highlighted letter) – competing against each other and giggling and squabbling over the words we found, especially when she spots the scientific word I missed or I saw the legal term she missed.

More recently, they have added a daily Sudoku where I’m a hit-or-miss and Lil Sis knows the trick (that I don’t employ) and will inevitably finish it.

Usually, then, we’ll fall back onto reading novels we each brought to work.

Good thing we haven’t had to work very long hours this holiday or else we’ll have to start playing the old-fogey Bridge game!