Take leadership

I went to a half-marathon clinic on Tuesday and felt like a seasoned runner with 8 of those races already under my belt.

(Why go to a clinic then? Because clinic veterans get a deep discount for clinic registration- $42 instead of $70; we get 10% and 20% discount coupons, a support system through the toughest training months, and to meet new people.)

The guy processing my application asked if I wanted to be a Pace Group Leader and I rambled about how I pondered that idea in the past few days. Pacing is of utmost importance, as the title would suggest, and I inherently pace badly and do not own a GPS-linked timing device. Next in importance is being committed (16 consecutive Sundays at 8:30AM through rain, snow, sleet, cold, wind, and occasional sunshine) and being chipper at that hour. The incentives include free clinic entry and a 30% discount coupon.

I naturally shy away from the spotlight but became disappointed with myself for hiding in the midst of less-experienced people. So, I signed up.

On this day..


  1. NML says:

    Ooh finally! Sometimes I can’t get the comments to open on your blog. Anyway that aside, I reckon it’s called a clinic as you’re all marathon addicts ;-)Ps I hope you got your Christmas card. I promise I sent it weeks ago!

  2. Ryan says:

    It’s more of a safe-injection site for joggers.

    But Wyn, the true purpose of this new title is surely to give you a vital excuse to buy a gps-linked training device!

  3. wyn says:

    I did receive it, NML, thanks. =)

    I think those who rain through the cold, rainy days in November are more hardcore than I am. I *was* hoping to take advantage of Vancouver’s normally mild winter but it’s freezing cold outside!

    ‘Tis true, I seem to be quite close to getting a previously-enjoyed Garmin. =D It is a *necessity*.

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