“Operation Finish Line”

I totally fell over in delight when I saw Paris Gellar’s “Operation Finish Line” white boards in a
recent episode of Gilmore Girls (“To Whom It May Concern,” S07E12). To wit, on four boards labeled “Career Ops,” “Academics,” “Job Fairs,” and a calendar, she lists their tasks and administrative details to complete to cover all their post-grad options from journalism to oceanography to law and medicine. Just as delightful were the mini boards that turn up a few scenes later so they could strategize while eating in the cafeteria.

I would rather not see a Paris spin-off as one site suggested but just to have a listing and clips of all the quirky things she’s said and done in the show’s seven years. While it might provide a headache for some laid-back types, I think I would get so inspired!

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