The picture of class

Like goodness knows how many people, I boarded the Helen Mirren bandwagon despite not having seen The Queen and knowing only one other of her 45+ films (Calendar Girls).

The reason I’m enamoured is from the Barbara Walters Oscar Special. When asked about never wearing trousers*, she replied that she wears skirts exclusively because she fancies she has a “big bottom” and short legs. She also added, “I don’t understand why Americans wear shorts all the time. Why do they wear those horrible shorts? I don’t understand it.”

I had to nod vigorously during the broadcast because other than for physical activity, you will not see me wearing shorts in public. Yech. I can’t find a length or fabric of shorts that I like. It’s been that way for a few years now.

* A giggle escaped from me when Barbara Walters asked her why she never wears pants, the word that North Americans use that British say “trousers” instead. British-English (if I can call it that) defines “pants” as underwear. I do hope that Ms. Mirren is most often wearing pants then!

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