To start off the year (First Half 2007 recap)

So I teased the hockey-loving Boy about how First Half half-marathon swag slaps a #1 on you (on the shirt and the medal) no matter how you place. And doesn’t his beloved (and so adorable-looking) Roberto Luongo also sport the #1??

Anyways, even a few days after the fact, I’m not remotely coherent about recapping Sunday’s race but will try my best in point-form….

  • The race is very intimate. With only 2,000 runners, there was fortunately only a limited extent and duration of road closures.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of insight to realize the registrants are very sincere and enthusiastic. Other evidence supporting this observation include how rapidly registration filled up, that people would have to train through the winter, and my time that was a top 75% finish was easily a top 45% finish at the large Vancouver Marathon in May.
  • It was a special run through the recently devastated Stanley Park. My previous forays had been limited to cleaned-up portions of the Seawall. Inside the park, I got to see old trees with large root systems that still got knocked over. Which brings me to an aside: When 70% of the trees in Point Pleasant Park (58,000 trees) were destroyed by a hurricane in 2003, it was a harsh lesson we learned that big trees are not invincible and the culprit was too-shallow root systems. Somberly, the city replanted with that added insight. I can see the same problem existed in Stanley Park.
  • I had a good split time (time at half-way mark): unofficially, it was 1:03:16. If only I could have had a negative-split (faster second half) but that’s a rarity for me….
  • Was drugged up for once because I knew I had niggling knee (left), ankle (left), and hip (right) problems/tension. No worries, all drugs were ones acquired (free!) from race expos, like Centrum Performance Multi-vitamins and Motrin
  • The second half was marred by that big hill in Stanley Park in the climb up to Prospect Point. It was a modification made to the traditional race route because the flat Seawall is still closed. What time was lost going up that hill I didn’t make up for it by motoring it downhill. What a rush of bad memories that hill brought of last year’s VIM! While I sputtered and stopped running and walked last May, I took only one unscheduled 30-second break partway up the steepest portion and otherwise slogged through!
  • At least it’s heartening that I completed the first 10K in under an hour and I’m not nearly well-trained!
  • I worried most of the way throughout about how it looks to be the training 2:00 pace leader but miss that time – once I was convinced that it didn’t matter, it was a relief, the slightest weight off my shoulder.
  • The 10th mile was the worse and I took unscheduled one-minute breaks (2 of them) in the home stretch.
  • So this was practically the same course as the Vancouver Marathon will have this year. I’m so bored of racing around Vancouver and I’ve got three other races lined up?? Must dig deep to find a way to break my own record.

Here are my stats —–
Gun time 1:12:07.6
Chip time 2:11:08.0 (the one that counts)
77/105 Women 25-29
1,492/2,009 Overall

On this day..


  1. Ryan says:

    Sheesh, I don’t know if I can say this without it coming off completely badly, but…

    I’m impressed that you’re out there finishing races that you’re 75th percentile in. It speaks in a good way to two things:

    -You’re running against strong runners, which means you’re testing yourself and you’re going to get better

    -You’re running when strong runners are running, which means you are pushing your limits. Good! It’s better to get worked by fast people than to crush unworthy competition.

    Except at the Sun Run. That’s just good fun.

    Also, I think I’ve figured out why you only feel half-dead after this race.

    Have I played the James Fixx card yet?

  2. wyn says:

    Aww, gee, thanks. =)

    I’m down about my performance but admit to the factors of my own doing that contributed to it. The season is still young and I WILL swing better results as the year goes along.

    Yes, Ryan, you do like to remind me about James Fixx every time I complete a race. =)

  3. wyn says:

    Oops, my bad. It was the Battle of Marathon and other general ills from running since you’re a BIKER. =P

  4. Ryan says:

    Please. We prefer “cyclist.”

    Bikers are filthy people who ride motorcycles and wear leather pants. I don’t do that.


    Now that I’ve used up Jim Fixx and Pheippidies, I’ll have to find some other example for next race.

    Are you sure you don’t want to try cycling? My 10k time is about 15 minutes….

  5. wyn says:

    Very sorry if you were offended by what I called you. It’s akin to someone saying that I’m going out “jogging” or that I’m a “jogger.” YECH.

    I recall someone collapsing at the Toronto marathon the year I was there or the year after. It seems to happen every couple of years across all the marathons – really unfortunate, and it gives people ammunition against taking up the sport!

  6. eastglen77 says:

    we’ve got a discription 4 people that try to compare marathoners to cyclists….it’s called triathlete..
    have just been wandering around your blog, and wow!….i hope to do better in vancouver then i did in victoria, and you’ve given me inspiration to try


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