What’s in your bag?

In my take of that “What’s in your bag?” meme, I’ve spilled the contents of a Daiso (read: “$2 store”) hull. Most proud of the fact that in buying three tote bags (two for Lil’ Sis), I didn’t have to take any plastic bags. =D

In case you don’t go to the photo’s Flickr page (by clicking on photo), here’s the hull: each item got for $2. =D

* enamel-coated bowl for food storage (with some cute graphic in green)
* milk bath (3 satchels)
* Japanese cedar bath (3 satchels)
* brocade eyeglasses case
* tote bag (reduce plastic bags use)
* photo album with cute greenish graphic
* hairband (some green elements)
* cappuccino candies
* mini cast-iron frying pan (perfect for 1 egg)
* melt-in-your-mouth powder candies (one of my favourites)
* metal bookend
* small leopard-print make-up bag
* inflatable pillow (for air travel)
* synth-leather luggage tags in the shape of an airplane
* brilliant green strap to hold burgeoning luggage together

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