Dancing (ultra-)geekiness

Since October, I have been taking two dance classes: a Newcomer-level class with NPY that serves as a refresher and the second-level Bronze class. As such, I’m starting to get muddled where I learned each step. I also needed to write down in some non-electronic means everything I’m supposed to know to realize my repertoire is, in fact, not very shabby.

The idea to use sticky notes comes from the practice of storyboarding (I also saw them used to organize the sketches in Studio 60). Last year, we were repeating the same steps within 15 seconds like a broken record so it’s very satisfying this year to have enough pieces to dance at least a minute before getting repetitive. This year, we have a colourful story!

On this day..


  1. shalala says:

    Oh Wyn, I am so very envious! I wish I were dancing again.

  2. NML says:

    What does NPY stand for? I must have missed that post!

  3. wyn says:

    I never defined it here. =) It’s like the way you call yours The Boyf – like not using his initials – but derived from Chinese.

  4. Pandax says:

    Cute! Remembering dance moves is hard. It’s not easy to describe where feet and arms are supposed to be during each step.

    Have fun!

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