Out of Alignment

Ever since my chiropractic assessment last week, I have been feeling out of sorts. I’ve been feeling so self-conscious of being (minorly) crooked and, literally, bent out of shape.

The Sun Run is in less than three weeks and I came to the realization that I’m nowhere near ready for a 10K tempo run (non-stop 5:55 minutes/kilometer) as I was last year at the HBC run that came in the midst of summer marathon training. I’m a stronger runner than I was at this time for last year’s Sun Run where that 1:00:03 finish time still tauntingly looms over my head. =S I think I’m stronger….

Lately I’ve been so gimpy from little things. My all-time favourite shoes (Asics Gel-Foundation) are getting too old – I can feel it after a hard run. My relatively new shoes (Asics Gel-Empire) aren’t really working out for me, alas, and I feel it after a moderate-to-difficult run. And I’ve been holding out on new shoes for orthotics to come in. These days I regularly walk with a slight limp. Though I’ve re-committed now that dance is on hiatus, the sport is really beating me down!

On this day..