I give up!

I’ve been on a mini-rampage looking for flats – yes, I am this late to get onto the wagon – but, you know, my feet have been on my mind a lot recently (hmm, that doesn’t sound right =P).

Spring (formerly Transit), has frequent turnover in styles and the shoes are usually at reasonable prices. And apparently lots of girls get to the store before I do because I have been entirely unsuccessful at snagging a size 37 of the fabulous Kamilias or a 36 of any colour of the pretty Lupis. I’m picky so I don’t like any other of their current selection of styles.

One day, the Crocs Prima ballet flats will arrive in Canada and, if they are like the classic style that pops up at every random shoe- or non-shoe store in the city, I can finally have a pair of flats. =D