I got a new toy

Getting a new computer was loooooong overdue. My trusty Dell has been entirely replaced once over and begging for cosmetic fixes after 5.5 years of loyal service. Now it’s being sent to retirement with only light use by Mum. =D

It’s been so long since I’ve faced buying a computer that I’m pleased as punch over features you are all blase about, giving you an idea of how 2001 my purple Dell (Inspiron 4100) is.
* Having not 1 but 3 USB ports, 2.0 no less
* Integration of my devices like webcam and card reader means not having to lay out for peripherals (where I would look to scrimp); however, I worry about one of the integrated devices crapping out… then am I SOL?
* having a remote control is baffling and so… Mac
* in 2001, wireless adaptors were not standard – gosh do I appreciate not having that card sticking out of the PCMCIA slot!
* sweet volume and media controls that are touch sensitive – so Star Trek console-like! They are super-sensitive and I fret that they will malfunctionsoon.
* the hinges are sturdy – yeesh, nothing like the el-cheapo plastic shell that cracks after 2 years of use
* these days standard DVD drives are writers; having LightScribe seems to be a nice bonus though I have yet to use it
* white is the colour de jour and that’s just what happened to be the exterior colour of the machine that had all the specs I wanted!

What can I say, my Stoke-Level is pretty high these days and this is the cherry on the top.

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