Poster girl

While it’s quite acceptable and fashionable to be clad in head-to-toe Nike+ or Lulu, it is entirely a different matter to be a walking Running Room advertisement and I found myself doing exactly that a few weeks ago by sporting four advertisements at once while heading riding on the bus. =P

That day, I was wearing my logo canary yellow “Honeybee” cap (free last year from the 20-Minute Challenge), logo light pink mp3-player holder, a logo-bearing four-bottle fuel belt, and light blue double-layer anti-blister I-swear-by-these logo socks.*

Three years ago, I attended my first Friendship Run for the inaugural Bluenose Marathon in Halifax. Running Room founder John Stanton was present to bless the race his store sponsors and to impart wisdom from his vast experience of marathon running. I do think he mentioned being an unhealthy, overweight, beer-swilling smoker with a desk job who embarked on transforming his lifestyle with running. When he was starting out, he discerned a void in support for the running community and started The Running Room that would kick off a nation-wide empire.

From amidst the freakily eager sea of people uniformly clad in various shades of logo colour-block jackets (mine is plum purple and has garnered me the nickname of “Purple Power Ranger”), I couldn’t help but feel his immense success. Not only did he find the running resources he needed, he capitalized on at the right time to create a very successful retail chain. Neat.

*Sometimes I can be colour-coordinating fashionplate runner girl but most times the colour selection is random and obnoxiously not colour-coordinating. =P

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