Race photography

We were geeking out over race organization at the post-run brunch. You know, veterans passing on information and like. While I didn’t have a big problem with the Vancouver marathon — except for the darned course that gets me every time! — other details were remarked upon that really could be fixed.

Like the participant t-shirts. Why the unisex t-shirts? They simply do not fit me. My extra-small is so large it’s not comfortable to sleep in; I am bringing it home for one of my parents. It’s not to the organization’s advantage if the runners aren’t wearing the t-shirt out for training runs and advertising the event.

Apparently the (San Diego) Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon organization tried to set up a race here last year but got turned down in part due to a successful petition launched by the not-for-profit VIM organization. Who knew the sport was so political?

My gripe comes with race photography.

Why can’t everyone use Bright Room? I received plenty of decent-size (bloggable) preview shots from which I can judge if I wanted a print or digital copy at an exorbitant fee. I’m so happy that they were the photographers used at my first marathon, in Victoria. (It turns out they were also the photographers for the Marathon By The Sea race that I won’t likely do again because Saint John, NB, is not convenient for me to go to.)

I’m biased for TPS because in 2005 in Calgary the sun glinted off my ripped legs and made me look kick-ass. I don’t know when I’ll be back to do that one – it is relatively close to here should I get so tired of racing in Vancouver.

(TPS also did the P.E.I. Marathon. Either no photos turned up or I flaked and never looked for them. Sniff.)

I can look forward to Fleet Feet to watermark in yellow across my Sun Run and SVHM photos. Sometimes that can actually be useful to obscure a particularly pained facial expression. =S

The Bluenose (Halifax) hires Marasport that similarily plasters a light watermark across the photos.

One of the worst is Marathon Foto, employed by the Vancouver Marathon. I can’t see anything to help me decide to purchase an 13x18cm print for $15! (Hmm, but 9 postcards for $24 doesn’t seem that bad….) To their credit, they seem to post pictures faster than the other companies.

I guess it’s still better than ASI who does the Scotiabank Toronto. They said not a single one of me turned up. Sniff.