Currently reading: Fall On Your Knees

My idea of a perfect summer afternoon is lying out in the sun on the lush grass of a park and working on evening out my tan – darn socks, Garmin, mp3 holder, shorts, and t-shirt tan lines! – and reading a book. Someone could be next to me doing the same… or not.

The reality is that after melting during a long training run on Sunday morning, I fear I’ll fall asleep in the sun and generally shrink away at the idea of more sunlight exposure. ‘Tis sad, I know.

By the time I reached Ottawa, just after three sessions of reading, I finished Marley & Me and was on the prowl for something for my longish-haul flight back to Vancouver. As much as I want to read it eventually, Children of Men was a very slender volume for the price the bookstore was asking for, so I selected the tome Fall On Your Knees instead. It’s time I got away from my usual Asian-Lit or dystopic stuff anyhow. =P

In lieu of reading while gloriously basking in a park, I read while eating lunch… indoors. Having that daily reading quotient is the way I finally managed to finish reading Anna Karenina and been able to bomb through several books, compared to my usual rate of reading. Yeah, I know, I’m being anti-social. =S

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