This time last year

I had this niggling feeling that I was running more last year than I have been this year. So I went through my logs and dug up the first half of last June and I was right: 10 runs in the first 17 days of last June and a mere 8 in the same time this year. =S

My interpretation: I was so nervous about doing marathon clinic for the first time, I took to heart pre-training in order to be “hitting the ground running” on Week 1 of official training. I did not feel the same apprehension this year and just coasted into Week 1.

A friend’s interpretation: That I was trying an awful lot harder last year because of the spate of first dates I had. Before and after dates gave me mental fodder for my runs. In addition, I liked going into a date feeling very fit. My friend suggested that I’m possibly “letting myself go” because my relationship is now old. =P

The logs also tell me that I’m in similar shape now to what I was this time last year. =D While it’s not the tip-top form that would come later in the summer, it was apparently approved of by NPY. ;-)

On this day..