As seen in Facebook

Usually those graphic t-shirts with Chinese characters – aren’t they a little passe by now? – sport some bold word like “love”, “peace”, “dragon”, “east”, or “man”, to name a few I have seen. So, what the heck is up with this character?* I’m biased so I can’t tell… is the character particularly aesthetically pleasing?

In case you didn’t know, shortly after I posted about Facebook, I joined. Rather, my sister signed me up (because someone signed her up) and it’s been happy Facebooking (and not Crackbooking) ever after.

Since I totally love my blog and my Flickr just as they are, I haven’t ported them over to get thrown into the Facebook world. I have deliberately not joined work/school/city networks or hilariously-named groups. I prefer to use the site for the original purpose of connecting and strengthening connections and not as a portal to the Internet and/or replacement email account.

That being said, I think “Gifts” are the biggest gimmick of 2007 what with the “Limited Edition” offerings of inspired designs like the floating otters holding hands. I readily admit to having received no gifts so far (and it’s okay!!). I would also add that NPY is not on Facebook (smart fella) and I suspect many of those private gifts are from NPY’s.

Recently, I poked around the “Free Gifts” application/add-on to see if their designs were inferior to the premium Facebook gifts ($1 each) and came across the most curious gift: this green t-shirt with a most baffling Chinese character.

* Looked the character up in In addition to it being a surname, the character denotes “a white horse with a black mane.” It is a character commonly used with tuo2 — together, they mean “camel”!

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