Currently reading: Book swap procurement

Does it happen in most apartment/walk-ups that you’ll find from time to time, just dumped in the lobby, stuff free for the taking? Stuff like mismatching dinnerware, CDs, old books, bottles of lotion, and half a bakery chocolate cake?

There was no way in heck I was going to be able to pick which of the vast array of summer-appropriate chick lit to select from so I came to be dependent on what my neighbour(s) would “recommend”.

As it turns out, a copy of Sophia Kinsella-of-“Shopaholic”-fame’s Can You Keep a Secret? freed up.

It’s a fun read but not captivating enough for me to want to devour the rest of Kinsella’s books.

I also picked up a copy of Eat Me which, unfortunately, doesn’t look as compelling. That whole premise of four diverse career women who do lunch to dish and gossip is so “Sex and the City” and such a tired formula!

Now, if only a real summer would come along for that perfect basking-in-sunshine reading atmosphere!

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