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Another Sunday, another 29KM run. It was a “Four Bridges” run to West Vancouver: 2x over Burrard Street Bridge and 2x over Lion’s Gate Bridge. I used my love of the two suspension bridges in Halifax to appreciate and hack Lion’s Gate Bridge.

At least today’s 29K was not as bad as 29K to New West. the week before. At least next week’s 32K is not going to be as hilly and happily confined to Vancouver.

My greatest aspiration after the run was to have 1/2 a Happy Planet smoothie and a ginger cookie from Starbucks. But we got to talking about the (not-so-)new breakfast sandwiches and it was an easy decision. Not so easy was the decision between sausage, eggs florentine (spinach), or the low-fat turkey bacon!

I got the sausage and was 100% satisfied. It’s hardly likely with some health nuts in our group that we will end up at McDonald’s after our run. In any case, by the time we were done (12:30PM), McD’s has long since stopped serving breakfast! SB’s sandwich is larger, relatively more filling, and slightly more expensive.

Darn, that they serve the breakfast sandwiches during the day is a almost a dangerous thing for me! ;-)

SB: 470 cal, 25g fat, 85mg Na (most official-looking site)
McD’s: 440 cal, 26g fat (10 of which is sat. fat, 0.4g trans), 980mg Na (McD’s site)

On this day..


  1. Anna May Won't says:

    wow, that’s a lot of running! great job.

    although i hate starbuck’s coffee, i like those breakfast sandwiches. the sausage one is definitely the best.

  2. Michelle says:

    Their breakfast sammies are great. I haven’t tried the turkey bacon one, but the ham, sausage, and egg florentine ones are really good. I like that their english muffins aren’t the regular store-bought variety.

  3. wyn says:

    Yup, I don’t drink SB coffee either (unless blended or in a latte/cappuccino).

    My friend’s turkey bacon (he got the low-fat variety) looked dry and unappetizing – that is what I fear for even the regular bacon version, so I’m only interested in trying the eggs florentine next. I suspect that sausage version will remain my favourite as it does at McD’s.

    I like spongy english muffins but I also appreciated the flat bread that was toasted nice and crispy. =)

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