First major appliance purchase

Having my sister around adds unpredictability to my life and I realize just how smooth and bump-less things have been living on my own. I can’t say I haven’t been taken aback just a bit but to my credit, she says, I’ve rolled with the punches quite well.

Lil’ Sis and I were talking when she stops short and stares wide-eyed at my head. Did a spider drop in my hair?!? Nope, a 2-inch length of brilliant silver hair was standing on its end. She searched through the back of my hair and found two other long white strands and I sniffled, let them be, and let it pass. What do you expect at 29-very-near-30?

I think I must be rather easy-going and flexible because in the two years in my apartment, I have survived without having a microwave and a good freezer. My first major appliance purchase is a fridge because, uhm, I, uhm, broke mine. I’m not too sad because the old one was unsatisfyingly inefficient, it wasn’t so “major” at a mere $400 (although, obviously, I don’t get to keep it when I move out), and I’ll be in my apartment for long enough to enjoy the squeaky clean, new, “modern” fridge.

I went from “ice age” ice-covered icebox in the fridge to frost-free operation. I’m stoked because for the first time in two years I can buy ice cream and store meat and frozen vegetables!

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