Hard hittin’

In the deepest throes of heartbreak (nearly three years ago), I posted the lyrics to two of Moulann Chang’s songs, “When you turn away” and “Where did forever go?”.

NPY says they are somewhat generic ballads but when they struck a chord so long ago, the emotion of the songs never leave me because they had fit my situation so well.

Why do I, years later, still love the songs? Because of her wistfully yearning voice? Because of the fantastic arrangement? Because of latent insecurities about my current happiness? I think that if I were younger, I’d be emo.

Perhaps it is because “When you turn away” is a seriously inspired song. According to her bio, Moulann Chang wanted to record just that one song but she was invited to record a full album. I think of her ballads as “haunting”.

Some people can remember the first CD they bought… I can’t. It could have been Sarah McLachlan or Madonna… or, most embarrassingly, the soundtrack to short-lived Canadian drama series Northwood. Eeep.

With this blog post as posterity, I should remember the first MP3 that I purchased: Moulann Chang’s “When you turn away”.

where did forever go?

“tell me why you left me… cuz deep inside you know you’re still in love
maybe things would work… if you told me what you’re thinking of
and how could you just leave me… crying alone in my bed
holding onto words that i wish you never said
you said that you would always care… you said that you would always be there
where did forever go?
i really need to know… how you make me fall to my knees… by bringing back all those memories
when did all the promises end?
will i find the strength to love again?
how could you take my soul and break my heart in two don’t you know… i gave myself to you
(and though you may have cared… you were never there)”

On this day..