I would if I could but I think I can’t

When I first viewed the email, I thought it was registration time for the 2008 Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. I blogged about it earlier as the most sumptuous marathon that a woman could participate in. I’m not a commitment-phobe but the 2008 marathon is not for some 14 months!

It turns out it was the announcement of the inaugural Nike+ Women’s Half-Marathon, a virtual race where you run the 13.1 miles in your own city, separate from the other racers but you will have your name listed alongside the thousands others as finishers. Swag includes a special souvenir finisher’s Tiffany keychain and Nike Dri-Fit finisher’s t-shirt. =D

While the race is open to male participants, it seems it’s not open to non-U.S. cities. =(

Oh well, I’ve got a couple of races in November to keep my training up anyhow as well as signing up for a race in February to start this endless cycle all over again! =D

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