Runner’s World told me to read/watch these

I read through a somewhat hokey list of motivational ways to get running and, naturally, jot down the book and movie recommendations….

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner, a short story by Alan Sillitoe, tells the tale of a rebellious youth in a reformatory who runs in solitude and makes a stand against a system he doesn’t believe in. You’ll have new appreciation for the power of solo runs.” (There is an Iron Maiden song by the same name)

“The cult classic Once a Runner, [written] by talented runner John L. Parker Jr., captures the hard work and dedication required of fictional collegiate miler Quenton Cassidy.”

Pain by Dan Middleman: “Fictional college senior Richard Dubin attempts to balance hard partying, a complicated relationship, and world-class competition.” (What about his college courses?)

Watch Saint Ralph: “In this 2005 Canadian film, a teenager sets out to win the 1954 Boston Marathon, thinking this is the ‘miracle’ required to wake his mother from a coma.”

Endurance. “This 1999 docudrama shows how Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie became one of the best distance runners of all time.”

Life at These Speeds by Jeremy Jackson: “When an entire track team is killed on the way home from a meet at the beginning of this novel, star Kevin Schuler, who rode home with his parents, is left to pick up the pieces. Sad, but stirring.” (I can see how this novel pans out already.)


Honestly, I think I would only read one (Pain) and watch one (St. Ralph). I couldn’t help but notice: what about women writing about running?!

If I were ever to become a writer — I could only fathom writing memoir-like Asian-Canadian chick lit — I could write about running. A long-winded and unimaginative title would be, “The Slow Rise of the World’s Unlikeliest Marathon Runner Chickie (And the Events Leading to Her Retirement Before 30)”.

On this day..


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m surprised that “Chariots of Fire” didn’t make your list of movies to watch.
    Tell me how “Pain” goes.
    I listen to 3 days Grace and they have a track called “Pain” … its pretty good!!

    Among the list of songs on:,7120,ss6-238-267–11733-2-1X2X3-4,00.html
    Lose Yourself by Eminem is awesome!!
    If you’re looking at a 5minute motivational video, check out:
    Two thumbs WAY WAY up. Eminem says it soo well:
    “Feet fail me not”
    “You can do anything you set your mind to, man”

    Haven’t bought this eminem track yet, but I will. Among 3days Grace, Linkin Park has a few good motivational songs like: “In the End”

    On Youtube, also do a search on
    “Can Team Hoyt” or “Redeemer Team Hoyt”

    “Sarah Reinertsen” (you made a comment on her a while back)

    “Julie Moss”

    “Jim Corey”

    Let me know if you what other stories you find and post them …
    I’ve heard of “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner”. Thanks for bringing it up again – will have to look more into this short story.

    If you’re looking for wise words or stories from female runners … have a talk with my MD, Dr. Angela Lee – she has a few marathon war stories.
    Use her as your GP =)
    Probably the only asian female doctor in Vancouver who has cracked a 37min 10k – sigh … god doesn’t make girls like her anymore … sigh…

  2. wyn says:

    Hi Henry,
    The list is just what I extracted from the RW article while “Chariots” is a well-known inspirational movie! I’m not sure movies and novels would do so much for me (therefore I won’t get around to “Pain” in a while). Sure, when my knee/ankle/leg acts up, I do Thank God that my pain is transient and small compared to the Ironman DVD interviews that you have posted about Team Hoyt, Sarah Reinertsen, and Blais.

    So, for me, music is where it’s at to carry me away from the moment.
    Thanks for the recommendation on Three Days’ Grace’s “Pain”! It’s a really powerful song. The Iron Maiden song is not my style at all, but it’s going to go on rotation anyhow because it’s just freakishly specific!
    Love LP songs, I have several I run to.

    I run to alot of mainstream “hip hop” and upbeat R&B songs. My form of exercise back in the day, before running, was clubbing, so I guess it hearkens back to those days. =P

    But then there is some Il Divo and Vanessa Mae, too – it’s not upbeat enough but really dreamy.

  3. Mona says:

    I love Classical Gas by Vanessa Mae (I have a reggae mix too!). That must be really old now.

  4. wyn says:

    Mona: Yeah… when I was listening to Vanessa Mae (Storm album) on repeat, that’s an album from 1998!
    I’ll check out Classical Gas as your taste in music is way-cool. =)

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