Running is the opposite of glamourous

(Or, another opportunity to post a picture of my shoes!)

You have to forgive when I go all girly and chortle in delight about having colour-coordinated some days and flit around in a running skirt.

Our 23K Sunday a couple of weeks ago was the least glamorous run in some time and I was hurtin’ before we even set out:

* In the preceding three days, I had accomplished some really random eating: a shishi The Lazy Gourmet-catered event followed by two big multi-course Chinese dinners.

* Needed to use the washroom within our first steps and then realize that public washrooms were not open due to impending outdoor civic workers’ strike.

* Pre-emptively wrapping baby toes in medical tape to ward off chafing that occurs after swelling up for 2+ hours.

* Chafing instead on the inner thigh – oh it burns! =( – and from my bra’s underwire. The scar from the bra lends a bit of cleavage shadow so it could be worse.

* I wore heels for three days in a row so my weaker leg/ankle was tight — it would bother me for 45 minutes and I ran as if with a peg leg — until other discomforts took over. I want to be healthy again!! :'(

* Not just hat hair, but the band around my forehead and headache from strapping the hat on tightly.

* Two hours in, we only have primal instincts left, like me uncharacteristically luridly groaning (“Oh yeah“) when we get a breather and “moral filters” being abandoned to loudly comment about spanking and appreciation for behinds!

On this day..