Six months

The date barely registered until I wrote it for the second time today for a journal entry: it’s September 10th, and that means my 30th birthday is 6 months way!

It seems not that long ago when I wrote up a fanciful list of a few things I wanted to do before I’m 30. “Not that long ago” turns out to be 24 months ago! Which doesn’t sound all that great considering my list is not all checked off and was very paltry to begin with….

#1 Dancing in a parade did not happen so far but since that writing, I have been ballroom dancing for two years and meet so many wonderful people in the process. I can still dance in a parade with little preparation and time investment by joining a Caribana band next July! We’ll see….
#2 Touring Asia has not yet happened but I didn’t know in August 2005 that I would go to Europe twice last year. There is six months yet and it seems people all around me go with little hesitation since we’re so close to that continent.
#3 Getting my own domain name has not happened but I can hastily do it at the beginning of March. =P My blogging has changed over the past two years such that I no longer know where my own domain fits into the scheme of things.
#4 Completed a full marathon last year and will do another one in less than a month! Completing the ultimate long-distance race — no ultramarathons for me! — puts all the other distances and my abilities into perspective and I’m happy to chose a distance to “specialize” in next season. =D
#5 Writing a novel during NaNoWriMo ain’t gonna happen this year. I’m too damn busy in November.

I alluded to other items that weren’t on my list for various reasons. Like coming into having a boyfriend. You can’t put a time limit on that but it just happened last year in a fantastic case of right time, right place, right person. =D Or like the other personal goals that, unlike the five items listed above, actually go towards defining a person. I’m still working on those….

On this day..