The Fabulous Four Meme

Su-lin tagged me with this meme, giving me instant fodder when I’m otherwise a little distracted as present. Here goes….

4 jobs I’ve held:
1. Waitress/hostess/bartender. I still do this at my parents’ restaurant when I go back home to pick up some extra cash and revel in some physical, social, and high-energy work.
2. Helpdesk/Desktop applications support. Co-op placements at Ericsson in Toronto (Mississauga). You learn to hate commuting when you do it 2 hours each way for 8 months!
3. Data entry. My only entirely brainless (temp) job. It was for an entertainment insurance company and it was fun to read about the television and movie projects being underwritten.
4. Student. Just what I’ve been doing in-between the other jobs…. =D

4 places I’ve lived:
1. Halifax. Born & bred. I’m an original Grace baby, too. I lived there for 22 years of my life, not contiguously.
2. Hong Kong. This one is stretching it a bit. I spent five summers there amounting to 15 to 20 months of my life. In that period of my life, it really was my second home as I thought I’d be summering there indefinitely.
3. Toronto/Waterloo. Studied and worked for my first years of university. I didn’t take advantage of living in Toronto quite enough. =(
4. Vancouver. Just a few days ago marked three years since I moved here. It doesn’t seem that long at all.

4 places I’ve holidayed: (most recent in reverse order of occurrence, alas, precludes last year’s European vacation)
1. Whistler, B.C. Overnighter just a week ago with Lil’ Sis and NPY. All my getaways this year are, apparently, intra-national and intra-provincial.
2. Ottawa, On. Spent two brilliant days there in May with Mona as my fantastic host. It was great seeing it through her eyes and I automatically loved our nation’s capital.
3. Las Vegas, NV. Four day trippie in December with NPY. It was my first time there and it’s really out of this world! Looking forward to a second trip any time that is less touristy and more taking in the luxury and entertainment!
4. Victoria, B.C. Two day trippie to this province’s capital for my first taste of B.C. life outside of Vancouver and to complete — in astoundingly fast time for my expectations — my first marathon!

4 favourite foods:
1. Oh I love tofu! I could eat soft tofu straight steamed with just a little oil. No need for that soya sauce, ginger, and green onions. My favourite tofu dish is that Cantonese favourite: mapo tofu!
2. Chips! I’m a total salt-hound.
3. Roasted duck with rice noodle in soup. It started when I was hanging out at the CRC (tennis club in HK) and I could order it everyday at the restaurant. It’s the only place where I came to have a “usual” dish.
4. My mother’s dessert crepes with a filling of confectioner’s sugar, roasted sesame seeds, and crushed peanuts. I devour these!

4 places I’d rather be:
1. Home (my cozy little apartment).
2. Home (in Halifax with my family).
3. Traveling – I want off this continent! Top desired destination: Asia.
4. Basking in warm sunlight, leisurely reading something that is not required reading!

And now I’ve got to tag 4 people!
Really? I’d rather you do this of your own volition if you’re so inclined… so I tag no one.

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