A Chapters order: Junk food for my brain

One day in Chapters, NPY curiously picked up Buddha Baby. It didn’t click with me that it was potentially a sequel to the novel The Dim Sum of All Things I read two or three years ago. It was priced at $4.99 but I couldn’t take the plunge knowing just how many books I have at home waiting to be read and how I have all sorts of work-related papers to read and write.

Then I read more about the book and became rather interested. Alas, it was no longer in store. The book was available, however, online so I just had to place an order….

While I’m at it, why not find some other bargain books…? (That’s how I found my current read, It Must’ve Been Something I Ate. While I got it for about $6, it’s currently just $2.00!)

I managed to rounded up the following :

* Everything Bad for You is Good for You ($5.99). We live in this weird and ultra-connected age. Despite the outcry that makes it to the press, I’m also of the opinion that it’s not all bad (especially to those who know of and appreciate the “the old ways”). I have to read non-fiction every now and then and I’m sure to get into this analysis of pop culture.

* Confessions of a Teen Sleuth ($4.99). I scarfed up every Nancy Drew book (white covers) for a few years. This seems like it will be a fun, irreverant, and nostalgic read.

* Madame Bovary ($4.99). I just finished Madame Bovary’s Ovaries wherein many a great literary novel’s storyline has been spoiled for me, including Madame Bovary. Still, I want to read Mme.Bovary for myself as it is a particularly fascinating and beautifully-written story.

* Northanger Abbey ($10.95). There are just two Jane Austen stories that I do not know backwards and forward from reading or high-profile Hollywood or BBC movies: Northanger Abbey (the first novel she wrote but it was post-humously published) and Persuasion. The lovely edition with a picturesque manor on the cover caught my attention on the display in store – I don’t have a budget when it comes to buying classic novels!

By this point, my book order is only $32 and they wanted to charge me $12 for shipping & handling (S&H). Well, if I just ordered another $7 in books, I would get free shipping. One book vs. S&H? Book book book!!

* Persuasion ($10.95). As mentioned above, I haven’t read this one either. I recall reading or watching something where Persuasion was often mentioned because it was the heroine’s favourite novel. Now what story was that in??

My six books came to a grand total of $45.43 and it was delivered to me. =D

(You might point out that the Canadian and U.S. dollars came to parity just a few days after I placed my order. Honestly, I did not know that was approaching. In any case, the very books I purchased are not deeply discounted at Amazon.com and goodness knows how much I would have been charged for international shipping anyhow!

If this favourable exchange rate continues the next time I’m in the States, I’ll be sure to check out a bookstore. That’s geeky, huh? =P)

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