Happy Hallowe’en!

I’ve observed in the past couple of years a greater vocal backlash about outlandishly sexy Hallowe’en costumes, that for adults, it’s the perfect excuse to be that oh-so-cliche pimps ‘n’ hos. So why (oh why) do I get giddy about busting out all my Victorian gear and wearing them together as the good Catholic schoolgirl I never was**?

Ingredients for a Conservative Schoolgirl:
* white oxford shirt button to the top
* black jumper/dress ($20 at Cleo)
* navy argyle thigh-high socks
* schoolmarm black Nine West pumps
* wearing my black convertible tote-backpack as a backpack
* blue cameo necklace over the buttoned collar
* rose-coloured cameo earrings
* hair in high pigtails, fastened with blue elastics
* my genial and innocent disposition! :D

** Catholic schoolgirl, I was for eight years. Good? That I wasn’t. ;-)

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