Rain is OK

I hesitate to whine and complain about the rain because two pointed questions invariably arise: “Then why don’t you get a car?” and “Then why did you move to Vancouver?”

The answer to the first one is, “I can’t bloody afford to and don’t commute far enough!” To the second, “Errr, uhm….”

Life has gotten much better since I bought an oversized IKEA umbrella ($4.95 and I’m wearing the bargain on my sleeve, so to speak!). It keeps me and my bag or purse dry and hence comfortable despite subsequently having to carry around a dripping wet and somewhat cumbersome prop. Being dry is priceless.

With an umbrella that is disproportionately large for me, I sometimes feel like the sidewalk version of the little Asian woman feeling secure in the big SUV she can’t see over the steering wheel. However, aside from carrying a two-person-sized umbrella, I surely try to heed the unspoken Vancouver umbrella etiquette.

(My other umbrella is just so damn cheerful I don’t mind getting a little wet because it’s somewhat miniature. It has saved my spirits on several rainy days and that is also priceless.)

On this day..