So damn pretty

I thought I would just share my current favourite application on Facebook: The Friend Wheel.

Gosh, I find it pretty. And it doesn’t reveal more about you than stalking through my friend(s)’s list would reveal. I don’t mind in reveling in the purely social networking aspect of the site, to the point of anally filling in (to the best of my memory) how I met everyone I know.

The Friend Wheel supplants my most recent favourite: Visual Bookshelf. I suppose sharing my reading selection/library is sharing a bit about myself, but I can’t help sharing about books!

To round out my favourite Facebook applications, I love Cities I’ve Visited. In rapid succession, I tried out several travel-mapping applications and I prefer putting a “pin” on cities. Unless I’ve visited a city-state like Singapore, I find filling in the entire country of China, or even the U.S., to be misleading when I’ve only visited a couple to a handful of cities in geographically large and culturally diverse countries!

On this day..