TV junkie, you say?

Yup. It’s on whenever I’m home. Rather, it was on.

Not so long ago, this was the QotD at Lifehacker:
“Have you ever known people who have to turn on a TV or a radio the moment they enter a room, or can’t stand to do work without some sound on? These are people who are desperately afraid of confronting some truth about themselves, so they try to drown it out with constant distractions.”

Hiding from myself? Me?!

I would cook to Simpsons and Law & Order: SVU reruns. Then while taking care of stuff and reading online materials, I would leave the TV on long after primetime was over and absorb Seinfeld, Frasier, and Friends reruns, then flip over to Conan. In the morning, I’d get ready to Canada A.M. (love the Toronto-centric magazine-style news show, and really can’t stand the local Breakfast Television shows) which runs into the grate-on-your-nerves Live! With Regis and Kelly and, on really bad days, I’m still around at home and catch the jabberings on The View.

I still watch Canada A.M. but turn it off during the musical segment at the end of the show so as to not accidentally hear the opening theme of Live!

Still, my TV hours are pretty atrocious because I’m hooked on just about every current show: Heroes (1.0); Big Bang Theory (0.5); I will probably like The Tudors (1.0); Gossip Girl (1.0); Little Mosque on the Prairie (0.5); The Bionic Woman is filmed in Vancouver (1.0); Survivor (1.0); E.R. (1.0); The Smart Woman Survival Guide (0.5); Moonlight, if it doesn’t get canceled(1.0); and Desperate Housewives (1.0).

If you’ve been counting, that’s 9.5 hours a week!

On this day..