Work it

Did you know that I quit ballroom dancing this year? With the UBC Dance Club, that is.

While the Club is a great value for students and very convenient for campus-goers, it is not so for the rest of us. NPY and I are reaching certain “age milestones” and feel less-than-hyper, not carefree, and staid compared to the fresh-faced undergrads who run and overrun the club.

(I’ve got my sights on Broadway Ballroom but keep forgetting to view that blessed webpage in IE where it will work.)

Apparently I’m allergic to paying $15+ for dance or Pilates lessons so my ears perked up when I caught an advertisement for “Workout” on the local multicultural channel, Channel M.

Every weekday morning at 11 for half an hour, one of six dance groups leads lessons/workouts in a variety of ethnic dances. This week, Raakhi Sinha leads a Bangra Workout and next week for at least two weeks, Jacky Essombe and Maobong Oku lead an African Workout. I hope I haven’t discovered this workout series too late and still be able to do the Latin Funk Workout (Gustavo Ferman), Bollywood Workout (Rohan D’Silva), and Latin Workout (Diego Sanchez)!

On this day..