Good start

It turns out that I put “pen to paper” for NaNoWriMo only after November 1st was over and spit out 1,057 words in the first two hours of November 2nd. The word count is short of the 1,666 that is needed daily for 30 days for a 50,000-word novel but I never promised to write a novel.

This weekend promises to hamper my writing for I’m allowing the 100-km relay “gong show”, Haney to Harrison race, to consume my life for two days and I have set my only writing objective on Sunday to provide a coherent race recap for Monday’s blog.

My favourite position: Sitting slumped along the length of my fuzzy black 2.5-seater couch, swathed in a periwinkle blue throw with my laptop on my lap top, and with ice-cold water constantly on hand on the neighbouring side table. :D

On this day..